Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beautiful Day

Just a beautiful day here in the valley of the sun! The pictures we're taken a couple weeks ago but today was just as clear. We went hiking on Papago Park near the Phoenix Zoo. It got a little warm today but still beautiful!

The 1st picture is looking out toward downtown Phoenix and the airport. The 2nd picture is looking toward the East Valley/Scottsdale, my house is somewhere in the middle of that picture. And the last picture is Bailey hiding in the spooky cave. That was how she described it to me! I hope you all have a lovely rest of your weekend.


Edit to add the link to more pictures of Papago Park.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peaceful Alphabet?

Well the picture should say it all but just in case you don't know what it is I'll explain. Those are almost finished pendants and earrings going into the kiln to be fired. That's 2 wholesale orders and quite a few retail orders too.
The 1st wholesale order is the calligraphy pendants (with a few of the Cora Paige Project Letter Pendants in there too!) and the second is the 12 pairs of Peace Sign earrings. That makes for a very busy day!

Other things going on today too. Miss priss has sports day at school today, so this is how she dressed for the day. She seems to be having fun dressing up this week. Yesterday was crazy sock day. No I don't let her out of the house looking like that everyday! She has also been doing her breathing treatments again. (Sorry for the bad picture on that one!) So I've been trying to make them a little more fun, which isn't easy! Well I must get back to the orders because they need to go out tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crazy Week!

I've got a super busy week shaping up here! I'm working on about 20 retail orders and 2 huge wholesale orders. I just got a load into the tumbler and now I'm getting ready to take miss priss to dance class.
Brian won't be home until really late so not much work is going to get done tonight!

Isn't she cute? That picture was from the recital in December. She wanted to wear all her princess stuff, and trust me its a lot! Anyway, we are off to do that right now. How is your week looking?


Monday, February 23, 2009

Cora Paige Project

I think this is why I felt the need to start this blog, right now and quit waiting to do my first post.
I read this post on Saturday with tears streaming down my face about this family. I don't know much about them but my heart goes out to them and the pain they must be going through right now.
I just wanted to let as many people know as I can that money is trying to be raised to help them build a park in memory of Cora Paige. There is a larger group of artists on Etsy donating to the cause. You can find the list of items on the link on the side bar. I am also donating to the cause. $20 dollars from every
pendant sold from now until March 4th will go to the cause. The donation will be made on what was to be Cora's 1st birthday, March 5th.
I wish I could do more to help this family. From reading all I could on Saturday they seem to have a great support system around them and a strong faith that will see them through a very difficult time.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Very First Post

Well, I only have to do this one time so I think I should just quit thinking about it and just get it done already!

I've been thinking for weeks about what I should write about and who I should write about and I've come to realize that I could never just make this about me and my work. This will have to be about everything that is part of my life and ultimately that is what makes up my work.

So I guess this first post will be about who I am, just a little back ground about me. I am 1 of 5 girls. All of our names start wit
h the letter H.
I will talk about my sisters in future posts. I have a beautiful little girl named Bailey. She is 4 1/2 years old. I have been married to my husband for 12 1/2 years.

That is a very old picture but I can't seem to find one of all of us recently! I started this journey after I had miss priss. I am a culinary trained chef by trade. I worked in the food industry for 15 years but that is not a good life for a family so I 'retired' after her birth. I needed a creative outlet and thought jewelry was just the ticket.
I have been taking classes off and on and learn whatever I can on my own through books or just trial and error. I'll talk more about that later too! Well I have to keep you coming back to read more about my exciting life don't I?! I can't even write that without laughing!

Well I hope I haven't bored you to the point of tears. I hope you come back to read again. I will be doing some giveaway's of my jewelry in the next couple weeks. Thank you so much for stopping by today.