Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peaceful Alphabet?

Well the picture should say it all but just in case you don't know what it is I'll explain. Those are almost finished pendants and earrings going into the kiln to be fired. That's 2 wholesale orders and quite a few retail orders too.
The 1st wholesale order is the calligraphy pendants (with a few of the Cora Paige Project Letter Pendants in there too!) and the second is the 12 pairs of Peace Sign earrings. That makes for a very busy day!

Other things going on today too. Miss priss has sports day at school today, so this is how she dressed for the day. She seems to be having fun dressing up this week. Yesterday was crazy sock day. No I don't let her out of the house looking like that everyday! She has also been doing her breathing treatments again. (Sorry for the bad picture on that one!) So I've been trying to make them a little more fun, which isn't easy! Well I must get back to the orders because they need to go out tomorrow.



DeAnne said...

Hi Heather-

I love your work, your Miss Priss, and your heart. I had the same reaction to Cora (I'm commenting on several of your posts all at once LOL) I put some things up for Cora too.

My son is almost 6, I used to have to give him breathing treatments all the time, then one of the Moms at his school told me that as soon as she switched BOTH her kids to organic dairy the wheezing stopped. I tried it with Evan, and havent had to fire up that damn nebulizer in almost 3 1/2 years. I dont know what Miss Priss is struggling with, it's just a thought.

Congratulations on those orders!! how great for you!!!


Heather said...

Hi DeAnne,
Bailey had RSV when she was a baby but I don't let her have much in the way of dairy but I will look into the organic for the things we do have eat. Thank you for that info! I hate the nebulizer and so does she!

Thank you so much for commenting and for your kind words about me work! I've been able to raise $180 for the Cora Paige Project so far!

Have a wonderful day!