Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am really enjoying this new little hobby

This is becoming so much fun for me. I find myself looking at life very differently. I look to the sky to see if I'm missing anything or if I need to record the beauty with my camera. I took these pictures of the orchid (before it died a very horrible death - I'm so sorry may it rest in peace!) using macro photography and needing to practice, lots!
So I hope you don't mind if I start showing my photography practicing here. I promise to keep you up to date on all things jewelry. I guess you could think of this as what inspires me in my jewelry work.
Have a beautiful day. Something to think about as you go through your day - what inspires you, what do you find beautiful?



Wendy said...

So, what exactly did you do to the flower? And what did the flower do to deserve it?

Heather said...

It died because all orchid die when they get to my house. I'm not sure why I can grow other things but never the orchid!