Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome to my obsession...

November 2008

So welcome to my new home! Not really, I mean not yet! If you haven't guessed this is Hawaii and I must live here again some day very soon! These pictures we're taken on a trip in November.

From the Pali Lookout looking towards Kailua.

Still on the Pali but looking more towards Kaneohe.

This is at Waimanola Bay with Chinaman's Hat (the little tiny island) in the distance. I use to go here for my birthday's. Look at the color of that water! Gorgeous!

This is taken on the North Shore. If I had my telephoto lens at the time I would have been able to give a sneak peak at the surf competitions going on way out in the distance. It was a little stormy but beautiful waves that day!

More surfing action way off in the distance on the North Shore.

I was born on this island many years ago and I need to live here again soon! I wouldn't want to live on Oahu which is where these we're taken because this island is so not what I remember from growing up here but if someone handed me the keys to a house with a job for Brian I'm sure I wouldn't complain!
It is the 50th anniversary of Hawaii's statehood in August. I will make it back this year, sometime, to celebrate. The 1st picture of Bailey with the pineapple was taken at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. I submitted it to Hawaii Magazine and it made it to the picture of the week on their blog and then into the magazine.
Well thank you for going on my little journey into my obsession! I hope I can bring you more wonderful pictures of this beautiful place very soon.


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Wendy said...

Well, can't get much different than Hawaii/Arizona! I've still never been to Hawaii. My daughter would love to go though. Maybe some day... I hope you make it back there!