Saturday, March 21, 2009

Having a great time!

Well I'm having a great time! But I still don't having pictures to show you! I have some equipment issues - like being able to download the ones I'm taken. Got a little rained on today but I'm in San Francisco so that's to be expected!
Its a little cooler then I planned for but all the walking is keeping me warm.

So about the class - today and tomorrow is forged rings. Wow! So much to learn and so much fun! I made 4 rings today. All in copper just for practice but tomorrow is all about the fine silver. All of these rings are forged and there is no soldering so lots of hammering. There are 11 people in the class so you can imagine the noise with all of us hammering away on metal.

Tomorrow is a continuation of what we did today and working on a few of the more difficult designs.

Monday and Tuesday are no class days for me so I will be able to explore the city and get some pictures. Its suppose to be sunny and warm - for San Francisco!

Well I'm so very tired so I'm off to bed. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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