Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where Are you Going?

Where are you going? Well I'll tell you some days (most days!) I have no idea, then other days I seem to have a clear vision in my mind where I'm going. When the days are unclear to me and the path doesn't seem to show itself I find myself looking to the past. But not in a bad way, not with regrets. I think you can help define your future by looking at where you've been.
This would have to be why I feel drawn to the ocean and why I put it into my art and daily reminders around me. If you haven't seen my collection 'Down By the Sea' you need to check it out. I'm sure you're asking why is someone who doesn't live by the ocean, is creating art about the ocean? I know you're asking because I've asked the same question of myself.
Well here is a little history of me: I was born on the most beautiful islands in the world! I was born in Hawaii. We didn't live there for a very long time but growing up between Hawaii and California the ocean was ever present in my life. I became a SCUBA diver and have a great respect for the ocean and all it's living creatures.
So I guess that brings me back to where are you going? For me I'm wanting to be back by the ocean. It grounds me. And I guess until I can live near it again, my art (and countless other wonderful artists that adorn my home!) will have be enough for me.
So where are you going?

Have a wonderful weekend.


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