Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny

This is quite a big Easter bunny! He is such a good sport about all the girlie things we have to do because Bailey is such a girlie girl. No one asked him to put these on he just did. If he hadn't put them on I wouldn't have taken the pictures!

He's trying to keep Shelby away from the purple egg with chocolate in the corner of the picture. She's not happy about not getting a treat but dogs can't have chocolate!

Now he's looking like angry Easter bunny so I'll stop taking pictures now! I hope you had a good Easter.
This is part of the 'Life is Funny' series going on over at Weight...What? Brian doesn't think this is very funny but I do and I had the camera!



Wendy said...

That's pretty cute! Husbands should all wear bunny ears once in a while. :o) And your dog is pretty cute, too!

You linked to your last Life is Funny post, so I added another for you linking to this one. You're double dippin'! :o)

Helen said...

That was very sweet of him.

Heather said...

He is the best Husband and Daddy, ever!