Saturday, April 18, 2009

Monkey's and Pink Little Girls

So my little monkey got to wear her monkey costume today. She was so excited to have a tail! We we're doing pictures for her upcoming dance recital. She is in 2 dances. The 1st one is a monkey dance and the second one is 'Pink is for little girls'. I can't tell which one is the favorite yet but I do know that I have Halloween taken care for this year and maybe next year!

She loves to pose. On the pink dress I think she looks like one of the 'ladies' from an old west picture place. You know when you go in a dress up like you came from the 1800's, well and it doesn't help that she walked around with her hands on her hips and knee up. But she is quite an actress! I can hardly wait for the teens!



LeeLee's Thoughts said...

She is such a little cutie. I love the tail!

Laithia said...

That is sooo adorable, lol! I'm loving the monkey tail one!

Heather said...

Yes the monkey tail one is my favorite too!

Wendy said...

Very cute!!! Let's just hope that she doesn't have a huge growth spurt so that you can get 2 Halloweens out of them!