Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden Party

So I went to my forged bracelets class today with Michael Sturlin and it was wonderful. I'll post pictures later since I have one more day of class with him. Anyway his wife is a Thai Chef and I got some of the last of the salad greens from her garden to have for dinner tonight.
In the blue bowl are the croutons that I made from the bread in the green bowl. They are so easy, you should give it a try. Really super easy and oh so much tastier then the kind you get at the store made in a bag. A great way to use up old bread or heels that no one wants to eat. I know you have a bag in your kitchen that you put them into because you're going to 'feed it to the ducks' or whatever. So now you know what to do with them. I'll give you a recipe if you want one.
We added some cheeses and tomatoes and a grilled steak and oil and balsamic vinegar and we we're set. In fact there isn't any left.

Now its getting a little sappy in here! I hope you all had a lovely Saturday. I'll post pictures of the class bracelets sometime this week.


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Laurel said...

Your new stuff from your classes is amazing!!! It looks like you are having a blast!

Hey, I would REALLY like your crouton recipe...when you have time you evAR have time???


Hugs Laurel